Who’s Your Enemy?

I am a lover of quotes, especially inspirational quotes. On my Facebook page every day, I do a quote based on a particular theme for the month. They are not all scriptural or Christian, but they are all uplifting and encouraging. I normally pray about what theme to go with for the following month and find all of my quotes. Every day I have people that either like and/or comment on these posts. Some have thanked me for the quotes and said that a particular quote was just what they needed to hear on that day. Ironically, I schedule the post a month in advance so that is always a joy to hear. Only God can make it so that the right post goes out on the right day to meet that person right at the point of their need.

Recently, I had a guy send me a message on Facebook. I do not know him all that well, but I have actually met him and his wife in person on a couple occasions. He wrote, and I quote:

“Saying quotes that uplift others is good, but what people need to here is the Word of God and what they need to see is a life of a person who is obeying Jesus Christ Fully. Jesus Christ is more concern with our lifestyle than anything else. Are what your doing, thinking, living when know one is looking pleasing to God. That’s where Jesus want us to be..“

Now, I am not attacking him. He is not the goal of this blog post. I have nothing against him. To an extent, I agree with what he said. He merely sets up the context to bring us to the bigger point. It made me ask myself, why are we always so judgmental of each other? Most people do not put anything of real value on Facebook, Christian or anything else. Yet, you want to come against the person that is putting up positive messages saying they are not Christian enough.

Why do we attack each other when we are supposed to be on the same side? If someone is doing a good thing that is helping people, than why must we come against them?  It reminds me of how some Christians speak negatively of Joel Osteen. I have heard them say that he does not use enough Scripture. Yet many people come to know Christ under his ministry. He is spreading the Good News and people are blessed. I have watched his broadcast many times and I always receive a Word from the Lord. My dad does not go to church, but he regular watches Joel Osteen. Joel is definitely making an impact.

What I have discovered is that most of the people who are busy criticizing others are not doing anything but running their mouths. You may ask that same person, what he or she is doing and how many people they personally led to Christ and they cannot recall any.

What we must realize is, someone else may not do things the way you would do them, but that is the way God gave it to them. We all have different people to reach and our style and personality is what God will use to reach them. Two people can say the exact same thing and it be received two different ways.  What you have to say and how you say it is important. Your voice might not reach millions, but as long as it reaches whom it is supposed to reach, it is all good.

I finished the last week of class in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. What I love about him is that his message is about money; however, he incorporates his Christian faith into everything that he does. The class is not just for Christians, but it definitely has biblical undertones. He does not have to constantly say, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” for the light of the Gospel to shine through him. As a Christian, your life should shine without you ever saying a word.

Let us not fight against ourselves. We are on the same side. If your heart tells you to do something a certain way then you go do it. However, do not criticize or attack someone else for using his or her gifts and talents the way God gave it to them, especially if it is blessing others. By all means, if someone is doing something and you are merely on the side line telling them what they ought to do then you need to hush. They may make mistakes or miss the mark sometimes but at least they are in the game doing something. Instead, use that energy to do what God has called you to do, the way He has called you to do it.

Speak Your Mind

I want to hear from you. What do you think? Do you agree with what I said? Do you disagree? I do not presume to have it all figured out. I value everyone’s opinion, even those that differ from mine. The goal is to start the conversation in hope that we share our differences and gain greater understanding; not to proselytize.

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