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RayCharlesForeverI walked up to the counter, all the while fumbling to find something to write with.  The clerk says,  “NEXT IN LINE!!”  She continues with authority, “WHAT DO YOU NEED TODAY, SIR?”  I said,  I need for you to stop talking to me like that, “I, I just need a stamped envelope and a book of Ray Charles Forever.”  Because of her denatured attitude, I thought she was going to go POSTAL on me right then and there! Fortunately for me, I was stress free….I guess it was hard for her to see that stationery doesn’t stress me out…(Pun Intended)

When she saw that look on my face, she tried to compensate for the rude introduction we just had a minute ago.  I completed the transaction with sternness and calm.   “Is that all?  Will you be needing anything else today?” she politely asked.  I replied, “Yeah, I’m good. I’m stress-free…”

I enjoy going to the post office!  But it is not just simply the “act” of going to the post office that I enjoy; in fact I enjoy all of things prior to arriving at the post office.  I enjoy all the things needed to craft a letter such as: strategy, timing, and planning.  I also relish on memories, as well as practicing my penmanship.  You will be surprised how many people you can touch with just a simple letter.

A thought to consider: who all has helped you get to this point in life? If it weren’t for (name of person) would I be here today?  You, my friend, are the protagonist!  Think about it; we, ourselves, are not the solo game-changers that we would all like to think of ourselves as.  We all have a sidekick (God, willpower, faith, hope).  We have, or at least should have, a team.  Share a thought with that team by writing a letter.  Reminisce about the ups and downs and what it took to get you here.

Stress is higher than ever these days!  Most people might reflect and take in a deep breath; de-stress and count to ten when they are stressed.  I tend to do the same, except I sit down and write a letter.  Even if the letter does not get sent, I know it is there.  Peace of mind comes from knowing that the feelings are out and collected onto an 8.5×11 waiting to be delivered.

It would be years in the making, before I thought that writing letters, sending thank-you notes, and mailing anything in the form of written communication was cool.  I did not want to have anything to do with it.  I thought it was for “old people” who didn’t believe, or who weren’t “hip” to the new wave of connecting with social media.  Until one day, I wrote a letter to a family member; and I was surprised to find out how much they enjoyed reading and receiving the letter.

Participating in stress-free stationery and the form of written communication, reminds me that I am human and can still touch people in a very special way.  In spite of social media, I developed fervor for writing (my little kept secret).

Listen people, pen and paper never hurt nobody; at least not in a violent sense.  Because if I weren’t thinking straight, I would have thrown that pen that, I was trying to find, the envelope, AND the book of Ray Charles Forever stamps right back at her.  But, you see, that brings us right back here…just inking my feelings down on paper in the form of written communication.

You see I’m NotAnExpert, but managing stress is a delicate art; similar to the art of crafting a letter; an art that is not for the weak!  You’ve got to be strong!  You’ve got be courageous!  And you’ve got to be willing to take in the good and the bad (Occasionally, it will get ugly).  If you don’t feel like dealing with what I went through at the Post Office; just “drop and run” your parcels inside one of those stationary, out-of-date looking, blue tanks.

Thinking about GOING POSTAL?  How do you manage stress?  When is the last time you wrote a letter?  You can let us know by COMMENTING, SHARING, & LIKING! The BEST part about it is, you don’t have to go inside the Post Office.


Martin_Freeman_smallMartin “Mr. NotAnExpert” Freeman is the Content Director at  where his blog focuses on creating relationships, managing stress, and adapting to any situation.  Not only is Martin a blogger and a speaker, but he is often referred to as the Leader in Adaptability.  His unique views and mini-presentations of “being human” and “down-to-earth” has led him to becoming the Owner of NotAnExpert Consulting, LLC.  You can find him on Twitter (@Adapt_Authority), LinkedIn, and Instagram (MrNotAnExpert).

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