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Give Me My Flowers NOWThe casket is set and richly adorned with plants and flowers. The family proceeds in to say their last good byes. During the times of reflection people proclaim how great a father he was or how loving she was, always bearing a smile. However, it is too late. The person never gets to hear what you really thought about him or her. Don’t wait till my funeral. Give me my flowers NOW!

We all go through so much as individuals. Whether visible or not, most people struggle with some type of insecurity in one or more areas of their lives. I do not know one person who could not use simple words of kindness every now and then.

I had a college friend that would tell me, whenever I said something nice, that I added value to her emotional piggy bank. We should strive to add value to every person we come across. Every person should be better after encountering you. Yet, this does not have to be a major feat. It is the smallest things that make the biggest difference. It can be saying hello and acknowledging the presence of everyone you come in contact with.

Joyce Meyer’s said, “You can affect people’s lives just by being friendly.” In fact, in one of my classes whenever my classmate entered the room I would always greet her, “hey Jordon.” She said hello and went to her seat. That was it. She is a quiet person who did not say much so I thought I would at least acknowledge her presence. At the end of the semester when we had reflections, she said how she appreciated that I greeted her when she came in the room each class period. Even though I did not know it, that one simple act of kindness impacted her enough that it made a lasting impression.

Don’t judge a book by its cover; we all could use an expression of love and encouragement. Even the strongest person gets weak sometimes. So many people are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts these days. We have seen example after example of people who “have everything,” kill themselves. It is time for us to take action. Start today. Start at home. In my small group one of the members said that it is easier to be nicer to friends and strangers than it is to be to her own family; the ones that she loves the most. When you are around someone all the time, your tolerance level tends to go down. It is easier to go off on them and become impatient because you never get a break. Even the most minuscule things find a way of pushing your buttons and getting on your last reserved nerve. You let your guard down and show your true colors. But the words from a family member can be more powerful and leave a greater impact than some stranger on the street. Therefore, make your words count. No kid or adult should have to go outside of the home to be validated. Our biggest cheer leaders should be our families. Tell your family what they mean to you. Don’t just assume that they know. Say it! Speak it with your words and with your actions.

It was not until I turned 13 that I ever heard a male tell me, “I love you.” Though my father was in the home, he never said it. I later figured out that he did in fact love me and that specific actions proved such. My mother told me that he bragged to others about my accomplishments and told them how proud he was of me but he never told me. During my teen years, when I needed to know it the most, I felt as if he could care less what happened to me. He probably assumed that I knew that he loved me, but I didn’t. So don’t just assume that people know it if you have not said it. Say it from your mouth no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel or how out of character it may be for you. The investment is worth your “sacrifice.”

Everyone wants to know that they are remembered. If you see someone with a nice outfit, tell them. If someone does a great job, say it. It could be a friend who I have not talked to for months randomly texting me, “hey, just thinking of you. Hope you are well” that makes my day.  My mom used to always say to my brother and me, “your words have power.” Why not use this power for the betterment of others?

Don’t wait for my funeral. Give me my flowers NOW!

Call to Action:

Take a moment and call or text someone special in your life; letting them know how much you love and appreciate them. Don’t wait for a special occasion or holiday. Do it NOW!

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