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This is a place of everything Myron Krys from singing, speaking/preaching, and writing. Being an introvert, I do not verbally express my thoughts and desires often. I generally listen to the views of others, rarely sharing my own. Well, this is my space to share how I really feel, which will hopefully serve as conversation starters. I am a life learner and I love deep and educated dialogue so I welcome you into the community. Please comment on any posts that you read.

My main interest entail music, identity, self-help, motivational speaking, and theology. These will be the predominate topics covered within this blog. If you have anything in particular that you would like for me to discuss, please message me through the Connect link. I also love to have guest bloggers, so if that is you, reach out to me. I am currently taking speaking and singing engagements, which you can do through the Booking link. Finally, feel free to engage the rest of this website and purchase any or all my products. I hope to connect with you soon in one form or another. Smile.

This I Believe

I believe in the mirror.

From an early age, my self-worth came from the mouths of others. I wanted to fulfill their expectations of me. Any criticism was a personal attack. Their negative appraisal meant that something was factually wrong and needed to change. It was more than just a mere opinion to take into consideration or even discarded. Unfortunately, many things were beyond my control. I was very skinny with really bad acne. I wore the big Coke bottle glasses, which did not help. Continue reading…

My greatest fear about theological education is

My greatest fear about theological education is the reading and writing. Coming from an “art” background, reading was not a major part of the curriculum. Having attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree in Interactive Media (Graphic Design and Web Design), the focus was more on what you can produce opposed to “book-smarts.” I had art professors openly admit that they were not the best spellers, let alone writers. Continue reading…