Eviction Notice

I never thought the day would come
When I put an eviction notice on your door
I finally realize that you were never good for me
Therefore, you are not welcome here anymore

Pride, worry and jealousy
You did nothing but defame my name.
I was a mere pawn
In your silly little game

Hurt; you were very real
Still your departure is long overdue
Though we could make it last forever
You and me are through.

Low self-esteem; what can I say?
We have been through a lot
I opened up my heart to you
And you left me with nothing but a clot

I remember, we cried together
You, me; guilt and shame
But instead of them taking the fall
I held all the blame

Come to think of it
I really don’t know why you were ever here
You kept me enslaved to the past
Saying that the future only encompassed fear

You left me feeling worthless
Though you said, you had my back
You clouded my mind with delusions
While I felt constantly under attack

Thank God, I have come to know
There is more to life than what you allowed me to see
I have taken the blinders off
And removed all the negativity

While I would say, I hate you
I am not quite sure that is true
Fore, after all is said and done
I am wiser now, having come through

Yes, it has been a long journey indeed
However, it’s about time I bid you adieu
My new friends are moving in
And we have great plans to get to

The floors are swept; my house is clean
Now I am finally free
My home welcomed permanent residents
Peace, love and joy have occupancy

One last thing, don’t try to return;
And by all means, please don’t use your spare key
The locks were changed; reinforced
And now I have security.


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