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This is a place of everything Myron Krys from singing, speaking/preaching, and writing. Being an introvert, I do not verbally express my thoughts and desires often. I generally listen to the views of others, rarely sharing my own. Well, this is my space to share how I really feel, which will hopefully serve as conversation starters. I am a life learner and I love deep and educated dialogue so I welcome you into the community. Please comment on any posts that you read.

My main interest entail music, identity, self-help, motivational speaking, and theology. These will be the predominate topics covered within this blog. If you have anything in particular that you would like for me to discuss, please message me through the Connect link. I also love to have guest bloggers, so if that is you, reach out to me. I am currently taking speaking and singing engagements, which you can do through the Booking link. Finally, feel free to engage the rest of this website and purchase any or all my products. I hope to connect with you soon in one form or another. Smile.

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