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This is a place of everything Myron Krys from singing, speaking/preaching, and writing. Being an introvert, I do not verbally express my thoughts and desires often. I generally listen to the views of others, rarely sharing my own. Well, this is my space to share how I really feel, which will hopefully serve as conversation starters. I am a life learner and I love deep and educated dialogue so I welcome you into the community. Please comment on any posts that you read.

My main interest entail music, identity, self-help, motivational speaking, and theology. These will be the predominate topics covered within this blog. If you have anything in particular that you would like for me to discuss, please message me through the Connect link. I also love to have guest bloggers, so if that is you, reach out to me. I am currently taking speaking and singing engagements, which you can do through the Booking link. Finally, feel free to engage the rest of this website and purchase any or all my products. I hope to connect with you soon in one form or another. Smile.

No person is an island

No person is an island.

On a deeper level, I knew that but I did not want to admit it. I wanted to have the luxury of believing that I could make it through life with little to no help from others. As a matter of fact, I wanted to be a monk. (Yes, a monk.) I envisioned living at a monastery with other people but we did not have to have many interactions. My fellow monks and I could work together for stuff like meals and maintenance, yet for the majority of my day I would be in isolation with just God and me.  Continue reading…

Stress-Free Stationery | Martin Freeman

Guest Blogger: Martin Freeman of NotAnExpert.net

RayCharlesForeverI walked up to the counter, all the while fumbling to find something to write with.  The clerk says,  “NEXT IN LINE!!”  She continues with authority, “WHAT DO YOU NEED TODAY, SIR?”  I said,  I need for you to stop talking to me like that, “I, I just need a stamped envelope and a book of Ray Charles Forever.”  Because of her denatured attitude, I thought she was going to go POSTAL on me right then and there! Fortunately for me, I was stress free….I guess it was hard for her to see that stationery doesn’t stress me out…(Pun Intended)

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Rx: Laugh!

ppl-laughiingHave you ever done a fake laugh and started laughing for real? Do you know someone that laughs at his or her own jokes? Have you been around that person and you start to laugh?

Well, I have and I love to be around those people. I do not want to sit and complain about everything that is going wrong all the time. Life is stressful enough without harping on it. I have a friend who has a unique statement. Whenever someone brings the mood down or is just being plain boring he tells them, “You’re draining me.” You must do your best to remove those Negative Nancy’s and those Debbie Downers out of your life, unless, of course, if you are married to them. Then I don’t know what to tell you…good luck.
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There is a song that has taken the nation by storm. It has ranked number one on the music charts for record-breaking weeks. That song is Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” This is a feel-good song in which anyone can listen. I first heard this song when one of my clients raved about it, telling me about the 24 Hours of Happy link. As a matter of fact, I have heard this song in several settings since. Continue reading…

Fighting for Freedom

Fight | Give UpNo one can do it for you. The choice is ultimately yours. While people can try to push you through the process with all of their might, you and I both know that no one can make you do anything that you do not want to do. When you are alone in your room; when no one is watching, will you continue to resist? Or will you cave into temptation because you will not get caught? When you are having a bad day, will you resort to doing it one last time to help you get through?
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Give Me My Flowers NOW! | Myron Krys

Give Me My Flowers NOWThe casket is set and richly adorned with plants and flowers. The family proceeds in to say their last good byes. During the times of reflection people proclaim how great a father he was or how loving she was, always bearing a smile. However, it is too late. The person never gets to hear what you really thought about him or her. Don’t wait till my funeral. Give me my flowers NOW!
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The Wall (Part 1) | MyronKrys.net

excerpt from POTS From Galilee: An Interactive Journal

old Montreal brick wallIt is time for me to see the me that other people see.

In my life, people have always told me how smart I was, how I would be great one day, how I would be rich. Yet, inside of me I was plagued by insecurities. Nothing I did was good enough. No matter how hard I tried my own poor self-esteem would not let me see what lied within. Though I enjoyed brief moments of adequacy, being a pessimistic person by nature, the devil used that to my own demise. But change is inevitable. Continue reading…